. . . to East Hill Psychotherapy, providing supportive, compassionate counseling to adolescents, adults, and couples.  As human beings, we are at our best when we know our own value, find places to live truly and authentically, and build relationships that reflect our love – of self and others. These conditions are not always easy to realize, and in their absence we may flounder in confusion and resort to coping strategies that undermine our health, our self-respect, and our relationships.

If you are stuck in an unhealthy pattern, perhaps you are ready for change but uncertain where to begin. At East Hill Psychotherapy, you will feel listened to and respected while you uncover or rediscover your authentic self and make the changes that will allow you to live into your life, with integrity and peace of mind as priorities.

If you are facing new and difficult life circumstances, talking things through in a caring, supportive environment, with a mindful and observant witness, can help you find a fresh perspective, new inner resources, and a new set of skills for managing your life. At East Hill Psychotherapy, you will find an ally to support you in finding a starting point to step into the challenges of crisis and change.

As you explore within these pages, you will find various images of the many places of natural beauty in our Finger Lakes region. They have been chosen as reminders that we can find comfort, inspiration, and healing when we are mindful of our connection with the natural world. Most of the natural settings depicted here are located nearby so that, should you so choose, you can go there, or to another place very much like it, and create your own moment of healing and inspiration.